Solar Genesis – removal of sun spots from the body

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Solar Genesis is a quick, safe and comfortable method of removing the spots caused by the sun from the face, chest and hands, without using topical gels or local anesthetics. The traces left by the sun will vanish after one or two treatments, leaving the skin clean and young.

Solar Genesis Difference
Comfort. We created an entire pulsating light system highly efficient in treating pigment at a much more comfortable level of energy. No prior use of topical anesthetics or gel is required. You may obtain better results in only one or two sessions. The Solar Genesis procedure is the newest generation in the treatments with intense pulsed light.

What areas can be treated?
Theoretically, any part of the body exhibiting sun or age spots or freckles can be treated without risks. The face, chest, shoulders and arms are the most frequently treated, as they are the most frequently exposed to sunshine. Both the small spots and the densely freckled skin areas respond well to the treatment.

How does the treatment work?
The visible light emitted by Solar Genesis is selectively absorbed by the pigmented spots on the skin. The therapeutic effect is produced by the warming of the pigmented cells.

Is it true that I have to be there one hour in advance in order to have an anesthetic cream applied?
No need for that. Unlike other systems, Solar Genesis does not require the application of a topical gel or anesthetic. The application of the gel is time-consuming and uncomfortable.

What do I feel during the treatment?
When the hand-piece is placed against the skin, you will experience a cool comfortable sensation. When the light pulse is emitted, it is possible to feel for a short time a slight prickling sensation.

How long does the treatment take?
The treatment in itself takes only a couple of minutes. And, as there is no need for a prior local gel or anesthetic application, the overall duration of your visit won't exceed one hour.

How many treatments do I need?
Usually, one or two treatments will suffice for noticeable results. Additional treatments may be necessary in the case of large-surfaced or dark colored spots, or for the areas with high density of spots.

What happens after the treatment?
Right after the treatment, the spots may darken in color. You may notice also a slight reddening of the nearby skin. Generally, those symptoms disappear within two hours. In order to reduce those undesirable effects, immediately after the treatment the calming foils Natragel are applied, which simultaneously hydrate and decongest. Within no more than three weeks, the spots will fade and disappear. The physician will provide you with full information regarding the benefits and the risks of the treatment.

Will the spots reappear in time?
They won’t. New spots may appear that can be in turn removed by the same procedure. Take care to protect yourself with sun protection factor when exposing yourself to the sunshine, in order to minimize the effects and to prevent new spots from appearing.

Can I have any type of spot treated in this way?
The spots caused by exposure to sun can be efficiently treated with Solar Genesis. However, there are also other types of pigmentary lesions, such as birthmarks or beauty spots. Consult your physician with regard to the type of spots that can be treated with Solar Genesis.

When do I see the results?
Most patients notice a visible improvement in the aspect of the treated spots within two to three weeks after the treatment. In some cases however, the results can by observed after one month or more.