Breast augmentation with silicone implants

Our patients benefit from:


  • modern equipment and clinic;
  • team with vast experience: MD PhD Professor Tiberiu Bratu with over 30,000 interventions performed;
  • anesthetic team led by MD PhD Professor Dorel Sandesc, The President of the National Anesthesia Society, together with several primary doctors and specialists, ensures the comfort and safety of the surgery and the after surgery accomodation;
  • postoperative follow-up monitoring by a plastic surgeon and two anesthetists;

Interdisciplinary consultation

  • pre-anesthetic consultation;
  • oncologic consultation;
  • psychologic consultation;
  • radiologic consultation (mammary ultrasound, MRI);
  • medical analyzes, ECG;

Supplementary service

  • anesthesia (general, peridural, i.v. or local);
  • postoperative medication (antibiotics, antalgies, anticoagulants etc);
  • bandages and periodic checks;
  • specialized clothing (bra, elastic belt, etc.);


Breast augmentation is priced at 3000 Euro + implant's cost ranging between 1000 Euro and 1500 Euro (the price includes all the above services, 2 days of hospitalization and 19% VAT). If the breast is raised, the price is 4000 Euro + implant's cost (between 1000 Euro and 1500 Euro).